Who Am I?

Welcome to The Silver Geek.  My name is Chris, and creating this blog came to me while I was in the hospital, last August 2019.

I consider myself an avid researcher.  I pretty much research every product that I buy online.  And the more expensive it is, the more I hunt for reviews.  And not just any review.  When researching, I avoid product websites.  Reviews on a products company website, well they can be tampered with.  I don’t know this personally, but when all I see are positive reviews, well I have my doubts.

When reading reviews, beware of those reviews that are written by people that have received some sort of compensation for their review.  I want, real, honest and unbias opinions on any products I’m considering purchasing online.  And that is what The Silver Geek will provide to you.

My reviews will be real.  In my own words.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  My review, I hope helps you in your decision o buy or not to buy.  It’s your money, and your right to research the heck out of whatever you’re considering buying.

And don’t let this be the only review you read.  I read many, many reviews online.  I sift through the information that I find, and I take into consideration duplicate pro’s or cons.  Those play a big part in whether I’m oing to spend my hard-earned cash,  or not.